About Wouter

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I’m a very visual person. As a child I used to drew a lot. My fantasies or the house of our neighbors in great detail were put on paper. My mind works best with visual data. So ending up as a photographer is no surprise.

I grew up in a small town in The Netherlands, one of the most overpopulated countries in the world. My country is completely flat too. No mountain or hill to be found here. Maybe that’s why I’m so attracted to vast open landscapes and rough mountains. I get a real urge to photograph when I encounter such beauty.

After a career as a salesman I felt the job doesn’t suit me anymore so I decided to change course, ending up at the Photo Academy of Rotterdam. And so here I am, making a living with a job that doesn’t feel like one. Photography is a passion for me for over a decade right now. It fills me with excitement and drive that continues me to grow with each passing year.